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Digital Marketing

Marketing that works.

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Having an effective SEO strategy is key to increasing exposure and driving sales.

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Web Design

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it’s important to grab a users attention fast so they choose to remain on your site.

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6Analysing user trends and behaviour is an increasingly important aspect when discovering the best methods to monetise your web traffic.

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Social Media

Having a strong social media strategy and presence is crucial to success with the growth of real-time news and behavioural advertising on social media platforms.

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Online Advertising
  • SEO plays a major role in every successful business. Having the ability to put yourself in front of potential customers and tailor your services to them is as big of an advantage as owning a property on a major city high street.

  • The World is more connected than ever - social media plays a key role in connecting consumers with products and services they are interested in.

  • Online advertising is changing rapidly. Video advertising and mobile advertising are surging due to the exponential growth in the mobile / tablet industry. People live busier lives and many people use their mobile and tablet as their main internet device.

Years Experience

We have 11 years experience in digital marketing and have witnessed many changes in how businesses operate on the internet.

Media Buying (Paid Traffic)
Organic Traffic (Webites)
Mobile Apps Traffic
Social Media
Traffic Breakdown
  • PPC, Direct ads, Pop-under, Pop-up & Media Buys make up 55% of our total traffic.

  • 30% of our traffic is generated organically via Google, Bing & Yahoo.

  • Over 150 mobile apps (mostly games) makes up 8% of our traffic.

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). makes up the remaining 7% of our traffic.

Marketing that works.

Our philosophy has always been about creating businesses that generate revenue in the long term - adding assets to one business increases the value of that very business over time.

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